Adelaide students’ shindig

Adelaide CDU law students also had a dinner function recently to coincide with my visit for the annual high school careers and tertiary education expo at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The function was held on Sunday 29 April at the Seven Stars Hotel, 187 Angas Street Adelaide (see whose proprietors gave us great service and good food at a cheap price.  As with the Melbourne function, the School of Law and Business subsidised students’ meals to the tune of $10 per head.

Attendance was lower than the Melbourne function, partly because Adelaide students had conducted a function only a couple of weeks before and partly because this function clashed with the criminal law online exam.  Fortunately the students sitting that exam got their priorities right and stayed home!

Nevertheless the elite group who attended had a great time, helped out by copious quantities of red wine kindly supplied by senior student Steve Gibbons from his brother-in-law’s winery (you see, Adelaide really is a different and very pleasant world).  The slide show below isn’t as extensive as the one from the Melbourne shindig, possibly because everyone was having difficulty operating their mobile phones after generously sampling Steve’s wine. I am trying to think of ingenious ways to get back to Adelaide so we can have another function before Steve graduates!

Special thanks to Sara Gaertner for organising this function.

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2 thoughts on “Adelaide students’ shindig”

  1. Ken, you spelled my name wrong! It was a very enjoyable night, thanks for taking the time to meet, wine and dine with us.
    Rhyian Anderson-Morley

  2. Ken, the more you visit, the more wine you can you can sample, why not have a Law Faculty conference in Adelaide! Bahaha.

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