CDU Law Students Society AGM Saturday 12 November

The CDU Law Students’ Society will be holding their General Meeting on Saturday 12 November 2011 at 11am CST.  (We had to alter the date due to Learnline being unavailable this weekend).

The meeting will be in Yellow 1.3.48 (The Moot Court) at Casuarina campus.

All law students are welcome to attend and I realise it is a Saturday and many of you have families, so please feel free to bring them with you.  If you are unable to attend but have some suggestions of things you would like to see the Law Students’ Society do over Summer and next year, please feel free to email me at

I (Nicole Trevena) am working on arranging an online classroom for external students and will let you know if I am able to arrange one.  In the meantime, please feel free to email your suggestions or concerns to me.

I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to contact me via email anytime.


Nicole Trevena
Charles Darwin University Law Students’ Society


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